Saturday Brunch!

Brunches, the hub of conversations and gossips.

A good dose of Escape ideas.

My dream is to create the most amazing and hearty inspired dates (escapes as I call them). In my blog the visual treats inspire you to give yourself a well deserved escape from the life hassle and untamed schedules. I plan on giving you the inspirations so good that blow our mind!

This brunch date is perfectly tailored to match summer style and casual Saturday.

This date is for one of the days when you feel crafty and too lazy to go out. i have found myself the perfect wall and a perfect summer style : Black bralet, the nude color skirt and wedge heels .

black bralet



summer vibes, black bralet, sheer crop top and nude color skirt.


Date setup
Look at the wall! soo dreamy
untilnext time. love and kisses.
until next time. love and kisses.
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