Royal Enfield date

I had had been looking forward to this post very much as I know the craze for the Royal Enfield motorbikes in the young generation in India. This brief post id for the people who love motorbike rides. these rides maybe alone or with awesome company. i have surely known how much adored are the Royal Enfield bikes. they are not just modes for transportation but they are pure Love.


Olive green skirt paired with white top and heels to match the coolness of motorbike!

Today i am here to advise the adventurous but not so casual bike rides more fun! Ask someone out on the bike date. If you don’t have one you can borrow or rent. Pack a bag with interesting beverages and finger food. choose a spot in advance to stop and stare at a view while enjoying drinks and food. The best times could be sunset or sunrise. When you are running out on date ideas and also want a date on a budget. I am sure this would get you extra points for being creative.

The mason jars are cool accessories for picnics. and for this setup could be quite handy as the beverage stays in place and not much threat of it spilling because of the lid. And you could sip on while riding at the back. A cool idea could be hiring few bikes and going somewhere as a group. Do try this one!

until next time. Misscarryon.

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