Monumentale Milano, Milan cemetery

The main memorial chapel in the front is called The Famedio

The Cimitero Monumentale di Milano (“Monumental Cemetery of Milan”) Is my place to go when I want to have a long peaceful walk on a clear day in Milan. Its a beautiful, very enchanted looking cemetery almost in the center of the city.

It ‘s like an open-air museum that opens once crossed the entrance of the Monumental Cemetery in Milan: the vast complex of d’ cemetery monuments and beautiful white, grey and black sculptures that you meet along the avenues of the cemetery are similar to a  visual book that  tells the whole culture of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The most diverse artistic concepts, philosophical, literary and historical intertwine and are reflected in the wide variety of funerary monuments ranging from Scapigliatura to Verismo, from Romanticism to Decadence, from Art Nouveau to modern, from Wildt Lucio Fontana, creating a varied landscape Perfect for a after Sunday brunch walk.

Most Importantly its free entry & no tickets. you call so all the photography you want. It is easily accessible from the metro as the violate line M5 of Milan has the stop called Monumentale. You can also walk around  Monumentale towards Garibaldi, Corso Como, Vertical forest Buildings & Piazza Gae Aulenti (ten minutes by walk) and china town (6 minutes by walk).

On Mondays its closed and the duration of the guided tour to the Monumental Cemetery in Milan: about 120 minutes. Be prepared to walk a lot as the Cemetery is breathtaking and spread in 250,000 square meters (2,700,000 sq ft). You could buy beautiful flowers from outside to pay respects. here are Some glimpses of the walk I had last Saturday.

It is spread in 250,000 square metres (2,700,000 sq ft).
Beautiful sunny days and cemetery walks!
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