Monte Argentario : Guide to summer stop!

Monte Argentario : The Italian region of Tuscany is rightly famous for its outstanding landscapes, history, culture, wine and cuisine. This Summer I spent two weeks in Monte Argentario (Porto Ercole and Porto Santo Stefano in particular). If you are thinking about visiting Italy in summer, this place is worthy of a visit!

Porto Ercole

Brief Tips:

  • Rent a Two wheeler // Vespa// Scooter
  • Rent a boat (As so many beaches are only accessible from the boat)
  • Bring your own light weight Beach umbrella kit
  • Rent an apartment three months in Advance
  • If you are Vising Rome and looking for weekend trip : This is your place!
Walk near Porto Santo stefano VSCO
  • Stay stop to go to see the beautiful Tuscan Islands – IslandsIsola of Giglio and GiannutriIslandsIsola del elba
  • Go for a guided Diving tour – Everyday from Porto Ercole and Santo stefano, to the islands nearby even for beginners (The trips are pretty cheap compared to south of Italy)
  • check the temperature every day
  • Try Info points for maps and suggestions, they are  life savers


Porto Ercole : A walk near the port every evening, searching for Gelato.



So all of August 2017 I spent in Tuscany, we headed to Monte Argentario in car. the place is almost 2 hours from both Rome and Pisa. I booked an apartment with a sea view balcony in Porto Ercole. Porto Ercole is the most scenic town on the island. Forte Filippo, a large military fort, sits on the top of the hill near the town. The sea  is lined with fishermen’s cottages and along the coast are both sandy and rocky beaches.

I am glad we picked Monte Argentario, because it’s one of those places where there are a lot of beautiful wind and commercial beaches and always a room to explore more. The only thing is there is not much of a nightlife except having a candle light night picnic on the beach (Sucker for Candles!!)

If you rent a two wheeler it’s easy to move, as I recommend visiting a lot of wild beaches. More or less all those beaches you have to trek down a wild path, so be prepared.

Just when you get out of Porto Ercole you reach  Feniglia, Tombolo della Feniglia is a nature reserve in the lagoon with pine trees, birds, deer, and wild pigs. Along the coast are good beaches. The beaches are relaxed and huge.


Twenty minutes from there you reach Port Santo Stefano and climbing towards the hill you stumble upon the treasure of picturesque scenes, unbelievable panoramic view of clear blue sea with topping of white boats and a mixture of Tuscan landscape.

The view I was talking about!
Watermelon Picnics were the highlight of the summer!

Mostly all the beaches are rocky, but Cala Piccola is a sandy beach. You would have to climb down a private area to get to the beach. A lot of young people hang out here. There is no Commercial beach you have to go early and camp with your embrella if you want to spend a day in peace.

Cala Piccola (One of the Sandy beaches in Monte Argentario)


Mar morto is my favorite beach there, it has a small natural swimming pool made with rocks. where you could chill all day. I was a beginner to snorkeling for me it was a unique experience for me. the water is super clear and the little fishes centimeters away from you. Please do not forget a strong sun cream! You can also rent an umbrella and a bed very cheap for a day.


Rent a boat and chill around the Sea, Start planning your summer in advance to steer clear from the gloomy winter!!






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