Hachi , My escape partner.

I read somewhere once that, “Dogs have a way of finding people who need them. And filling an emptiness we didn’t  even know we had.” I was not quite sure what it meant until I saw Hachi and my father together. And I realized that its true, I have never seen my father this whole  in my life.


Hachi has bought out better versions of us, All of us as a Family. I remember the day I first saw him and he tried to eat me alive. And the following day I felt the sting of jealousy when I heard my father talk to Hachi with the tone of Love reserved just for me.

Well after a month and few hundreds apple we made friends with each other, me and Hachi.  And one lazy Saturday back home in the garden we decided to be lazy together. I packed a picnic with food, my favorite book since forever and treats for Hachi. Your search for finding inspiration for a garden picnic with favorite buddy ends here <3 . The city escape with grass, foliage and a dog who looks like panda. 

Reading together feels <3
monitoring picnic, everything is okay i guess


Also today I would like to share with everyone how Hachi came to our life. Well a few years ago me and my father saw the Movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale , watch trailer here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhEHr7B1QiU  The story moved our hearts. I think my father wanted an Japanese Akita but found an American Akita instead.

An Old picture of the famous Hachiko

Hachi: The dog who waited for his master, his friend for over nine years on the same spot . During his lifetime the dog was held up in Japanese culture as an example of loyalty and fidelity. After Hachiko’s death he continues to be remembered in worldwide popular culture with statues, movies, books, and appearances in various media.

Isn’t he just the fluffiest thing we have ever seen!



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