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When it comes to date ideas, New Delhi has it all, but let’s face it: No matter how romantic, creative or fun you are, everyone needs help sometimes. Luckily, I  am available to help.The city is filled with possibility, especially you want to skip that boring dinner-and-a-movie—or if you want to find the most intimate of locations to spend time and also hog on to delicious Italian food.img_0241

Valium Prescription Online One of my favorite places in new Delhi, when i am all about being away from all the Delhi hustle, I move towards the wide roads of Delhi’s diplomatic area, the company of friends and a walk through the lush greens . And there the most magnetic food vibes comes from the Italian cultural center ( Instituto di cultura), New Delhi.  As I currently live in Italy, this little cafe/ restaurant gives me a little piece of Italy in New Delhi. And for all the Delhi people who always complain in Italian restaurants that “they want authentic Italian food, not Indo-Italian cuisine”. This place might be to your rescue.

Buy Diazepam Ampoules The Restaurant at ICC in Italian Embassy, New Delhi is also an escape date for all the lovebirds. It gives you the Italian feel. The restaurant have two settings , one inside ( which is simple calm atmosphere with air conditioning for people who do not want to eat outside in Delhi heat and pollution). The other one is outside which I have carried out my photo shoot. Here you can see the peaceful Yet very Italian character . Most cafè in Italy have similar setting, they have both inside and outdoor seating  arrangements. This place reminds me of some cafè & Bars in Tuscany.

 The restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner, and coffee & drinks are served all day.
The restaurant is open for Lunch and Dinner, and coffee & drinks are served all day.

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Black on Black at its best.
Black on Black at its best.

Order Valium Canada img_0346

For the date scene i tried the black on black look, as the ICC cafe is all white and pastel colors I thought it would be cool to wear something in contrast and be the center of attention. I have portrayed some other looks along the black on black ensemble, trying on different shirts of varied textures to give different feels to the look. The yellow sheer crepe shirt is gives me more fancy, lady like lunch look where the check cotton shirt gives a casual chic look. To complete my black on black ensemble i mam wearing Beaver colored heels (Well this color was a hit in 2016, All the Kylie Jenner fans would know it).

The entry at Italian Cultural center can be tricky. You have to register and get yourself a membership card, can be done online. Or If you are a student/ or someone in the group is a student at the cultural center. But the membership is worth it!

Details! Yellow shirt .
Details! Yellow shirt .

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