brunching, munching and ribbons

The days when sight of sun feels so good, and a sunny weekend sounds like haven All we need is brunch out in the sun. Today I have for us an outdoor DIY brunch setup. As we all have already settled that i love bridges, of course this one is also on an bridge. But the place doesn’t matter , all it matters is that you would like to make it happen. So lets get started With an amazing Outfit. Dont be one of those lazy people who don’t dress up on weekend. To make a date spacial YOU have to be special ? .

That dress though!

I chose a perfectly sunny day and found some old ribbons and yarns lying around in the house and put them up where i would like to have brunch. It can be also done in the garden (on a tree) or balcony (on the ceiling) with ribbons, yarns, scarfs etc. I have put together this setup because as the wind blows by the yarns moves and feel so magical. You could eat finger food or packed food but don’t forget to hydrate with vegetable/ fruit infused water.

Colors on point.

After Brunch it could be a good idea to take a stroll around and feel merry!! until next time people. Keep living some high life moments. After effects of that are amazing.

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