Barmasc, Champoluc Italy

Barmasc – Ayas, Valle d’Aosta. Italy

Today giving you major travel goals! I don’t know what is it about eating outdoors that makes me feel positive about everything in the world. Especially when the setting are this dreamy. In this picnic date  idea I bring to you this mesmerizing setting. While  taking a walk last summer we came across this little canal in Barmasc in Ayas, Italy. Barmasc is a little heaven in the  commune of Ayas, near Champoluc situated in North of Italy. When we reached the parking of Barmasc, while hiking  up towards Mountain Zerbian we came across a small canal. we followed the canal into the forest and found these beautiful bridges! I made up my mind to come back next day with a huge picnic and have lunch here. The days were warm with beautiful clear sky, And I packed with me some salad jars, Cumin rice, Multigrain bread and peaches. I was so smitten by the experience of nature at that place, the sound of the water running and smell of fresh flowers grown across the bank of canal. I want to inspire you to make a plan to have these not so common picnic if You find a place so close to nature It can be anywhere, if you could not have picnic the same day as you found the place, Make a plan for the next time! and go through the plan. you would be so proud of yourself. Adds so much excitement to life.

The Beauty of nature

The calming effect of nature and an endless warm summer afternoon paired with some summer salad, Basmati rice and fresh fruit will surely take your mind away from everything else but nature.

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