Apéritif and The Aperitivo.

img_7912Today I am here to give you Real Friday evening goals.  As a fan of the tradition of Apéritif and the Italian  Aperitivo. I m going to persuade you to follow these traditions and include them into few of our Friday evenings. An apéritif is an alcoholic beverage  served before a meal to trigger the Appetite. Frequent choices for an apéritif are usually light drinks before dinner. But The Italians have taken this one step further. The tradition of the coolest happy hour : The Aperitivo. The invigorating way to have pre-dinner drinks, stimulating appetite and socialize.




is a french word which has been derived from the latin verb Aprire, which means ‘to open’. Also the word Aperitivo, has evovled from the same Italian/ French verb Aprire. So basically they all just want us to pop open a bottle of wine. For some of the Friday evening when you are dressed in red and black make yourself (with or without company) an amazing Aperitivo with red/white wine before heading out. I am sure this will revitalize all your socializing skills and you wont be complaining about the stressful week you had over dinner. Try it, No harm in trying is it?img_7939

Thinking about my Friday night, and pushing through the week!


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