Sforza Castle (Italian: Castello Sforzesco), Milan

Castello Sforzesco, Milano

This beautiful castle is behind my apartment in Milan. Every now and then I pass by this amazing place, specially at night the place looks very magical. In past it had played many roles like being a defense fortress, military barracks, private residence and center of cultural institutions and museums. Also today Inside the castle is a Museum, cafe and leads to one of the biggest parks in Milano, Parco Sempione. The first look of the entrance of Castle will leave you breathless, on a beautiful clear sunny day with the big fountain on the entrance creates a fresh atmosphere.  After the entrance there is a large space perfectly preserved front yard, where most of the times one can find some events happening. Then you pass through a beautiful bridge which once was over water but now passes over beautiful grass and home of a lot of cats ( I think the cats live under the bridge).  After the bridge on the right is the entrance to the museum where the last hour of some days is free entrance. On the left side is a beautiful cafe-bar to snack. This little passage leads you to the park where you could eat at the park restaurant or just lie down in the green grass.

My snack to go! marshmallow roll.



While walking from the castle to Duomo of Milano, one passes through a beautiful street with very pretty Italian cafe and ice cream shops (Gelateria). while Moving further you will find some very big shooing stores ranging from shoes , bags and cosmetics. If you are lucky some beautiful trams will pass by you. And then finally you will reach Duomo. This was one of my favorite city walks in Milan.

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  1. I tried to read this script of yours .I found interesting in marshmallow one ………appreciable….

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