Surprise Lunch Picnics!

For busy professionals especially, Midweek lunch date is a great way to catch up with people in a tight schedule. Meeting up at lunch also takes some of the tension and work pressure out of mind for some time. By preparing or arranging a simple lunch get away, from the same boring office compounds , you can make the most out of your lunch date.

Spicy Italian food to calm down all the cravings to kill your boss!

Today I have a set up of a simple Lunch picnic, which can be achieved by simple Lunch boxes and a calm place for Lunching, of course with good company. For many, eating lunch means quickly downing some food and getting back to the duties

of the day. But this kind of Lunch picnic could rescue from all the stress of work  or  tension between colleagues that you have been carrying around

Lunching In formals looks so satisfying.



Try to spot a calm area, a park or a garden near your office and instead of  Lunching with office mates, try to invite a friend or two w

ho work nearby. Just lay down something to sit on and gossip about everything and anything. I am sure it will lighten your heart.

Christmas is arriving, everyone deserves to lighten up.





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